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Program - Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task

Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task


Friday, June 24, 2011

8:45–9:00Opening Remarks
 Session I:
9:00–9:20CoNLL-2011 Shared Task: Modeling Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes   [presentation | pdf | bib]
Sameer Pradhan, Lance Ramshaw, Mitchell Marcus, Martha Palmer, Ralph Weischedel and Nianwen Xue
9:20–9:30Stanford’s Multi-Pass Sieve Coreference Resolution System at the CoNLL-2011 Shared Task   [pdf | bib]
Heeyoung Lee, Yves Peirsman, Angel Chang, Nathanael Chambers, Mihai Surdeanu and Dan Jurafsky
9:30–9:40RelaxCor Participation in CoNLL Shared Task on Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Emili Sapena, Lluís Padró and Jordi Turmo
9:40–9:50Inference Protocols for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Kai-Wei Chang, Rajhans Samdani, Alla Rozovskaya, Nick Rizzolo, Mark Sammons and Dan Roth
9:50–10:00Exploring Lexicalized Features for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Anders Björkelund and Pierre Nugues
10:00–10:10Rule and Tree Ensembles for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Cicero Nogueira dos Santos and Davi Lopes Carvalho
10:10–10:20Unrestricted Coreference Resolution via Global Hypergraph Partitioning   [pdf | bib]
Jie Cai, Eva Mujdricza-Maydt and Michael Strube
10:20–10:30Multi-metric optimization for coreference: The UniTN / IITP / Essex submission to the 2011 CONLL Shared Task   [pdf | bib]
Olga Uryupina, Sriparna Saha, Asif Ekbal and Massimo Poesio
10:30–11:00Coffee Break
 Session II:
11:00–12:30Poster Session
 Combining Syntactic and Semantic Features by SVM for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Huiwei Zhou, Yao Li, Degen Huang, Yan Zhang, Chunlong Wu and Yuansheng Yang
 Supervised Coreference Resolution with SUCRE   [pdf | bib]
Hamidreza Kobdani and Hinrich Schuetze
 ETS: An Error Tolerable System for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Hao Xiong, Linfeng Song, Fandong Meng, Yang Liu, Qun Liu and Yajuan Lv
 An Incremental Model for Coreference Resolution with Restrictive Antecedent Accessibility   [pdf | bib]
Manfred Klenner and Don Tuggener
 Narrative Schema as World Knowledge for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Joseph Irwin, Mamoru Komachi and Yuji Matsumoto
 Hybrid Approach for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Sobha Lalitha Devi, Pattabhi Rao, Vijay Sundar Ram R, M. C S and A. A
 Poly-co: a multilayer perceptron approach for coreference detection   [pdf | bib]
Eric Charton and Michel Gagnon
 Mention Detection: Heuristics for the OntoNotes annotations   [pdf | bib]
Jonathan K Kummerfeld, Mohit Bansal, David Burkett and Dan Klein
 Coreference Resolution with Loose Transitivity Constraints   [pdf | bib]
Xinxin Li, Xuan Wang and Shuhan Qi
 UBIU: A Robust System for Resolving Unrestricted Coreference   [pdf | bib]
Desislava Zhekova and Sandra Kübler
 A Machine Learning-Based Coreference Detection System for OntoNotes   [pdf | bib]
Yaqin Yang, Nianwen Xue and Peter Anick
 Reconciling OntoNotes: Unrestricted Coreference Resolution in OntoNotes with Reconcile.   [pdf | bib]
Veselin Stoyanov, Uday Babbar, Pracheer Gupta and Claire Cardie
 Coreference Resolution System using Maximum Entropy Classifier   [pdf | bib]
Weipeng Chen, Muyu Zhang and Bing Qin
 Link Type Based Pre-Cluster Pair Model for Coreference Resolution   [pdf | bib]
Yang Song, Houfeng Wang and Jing Jiang




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